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the World Scholar’s Cup

The medals haul of Malpi City School was very impressive this year, 2020 in the Regional Round held in Kathmandu on 4 and 5 February, 2020! An impressive 45 students out of 51 qualified for the Global Round.



  Congratulations to the Qualifiers and Winners!

WSC Regional Round 2020 Achievements:

  1. Top Scholar:
    1. Senior – Gagan Dulal
    2. Junior – Apurva Rai (Top champion scholar, Top Scholar Special Area – Kathmandu Round)
  2. Top Scholar Arts Junior:
    1. Slok Neupane
  3. 3rd in Team Challenge:
    1. Shubham, Sakshi, Tenzing
  4. Top 5th Champion Scholar:
    1. Samiksha Basnet
  5. 10 teams from Junior and 5 teams from Seniors got nominated for Global Round
  6. Debate Showcase:
    1. Brishen Basnyat

Next Challenge: Global Round at Muscat, Vancouver, Prague, Melbourne, Phnom Penh, Johannesburg!

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