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Student Council 2077

Malpi City School Proudly Announces the Formation of Student Council for the Academic Year 2077


       Office Bearers:

   School Captain : Bidhi Pant
             School Captain :  Brishen Basnet
      School Sports Captain : Manju Bajracharya
School Vice Captain : Partha Wagle
      School Vice Captain : Jayesh Kayastha
           Sports Vice Captain : Tenzing R. Gurung


      Bulletin Chief: Aayana Tuladhar
Vice Bulletin Chief: Suyog Lal Shrestha


House Bulletin Incharge:

Blue House: Aryasha Subedi
   Green House: Kiya Bhattacharya
     Red House: Ridima Sherchan
    Yellow House: Mingmar D. Sherpa

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