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Mock Election 23 Aug. 2018

The Senior Block, MCS conducted Mock Election peacefully in the school’s premises on Thursday, 23rd August, 2018.  Weather was favourable and voters from all the grades were able to participate. There was 100% participation.

Winners in Federal Legislature:

  1. Ashutosh Narsing K.C. (Jana Aawaj Loktantrik Party)
  2. Saujanya Shakya (Jana Adhikar Forum)
  3. Subrat Baskota (LAL Party)
  4. Ronish Dahal (LP)
  5. Dilasha Shakya (LP)

Winners in Proportional:

  1. Sriyanka Shrestha (LP)
  2. Rumi Suwal (Ujyalo Bhabishya Party)
  3. Dhara Rana (JLP)

Winners in Provincial  Legislature:

State – I

  1. Abinav Shakya (JLP)     Constituency   I
  2. Bijay Nepal (LP)             Constituency  II
  3. Jessica Shakya (UBP)   Constituency   III
  4. Kapil Bhatta (LP)          Propotional

State – II

  1. Ritesh Joshi (LP)                  Constituency  I
  2. Prasanna Chand (LP) )       Constituency  II
  3. Mani Bhadra Lama (LP)     Constituency III
  4. Shivam Chettri (JLP)          Propotional

State  – III

  1. Ankit Bista (JLP)                Constituency  I
  2. Pratidhita Pandey (JAF)   Constituency II
  3. Rose Maharjan (LP)          Constituency III
  4. Nayantara Bista (LP)        Propotional

The whole school was divided into 3 provinces.

The officials made sure that everything went smoothly and no discrepancies occurred.
In Provincial Legislature, LAL Party won the majority by 74% where as in Federal Legislature, LAL Party got 50%.

The commitments made by LAL Party were:

  • Increasing per capita income of Nepal.
  • Increasing literacy rate to 83%.
  • Completion of development projects of national glory within the timeframe.
  • Reducing poverty to 15% in 5 Years.
  • Decreasing the employment rate to 25% in 5 Years

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