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Malpi’s success at the Global Rounds – “The World Scholar’s Cup”, The Hague

Just a quick report on The world Scholars Cup held at The Hague, from 20th July to 26th July.
A very exciting week for the scholars of Team Malpi, who were participating in the global rounds at The Hague, after qualifying as champions in the Regional rounds.
The Team Leader – Ms. Aneeta Malla, Principal
Team Coordinator Ms. Nishi Shrestha / Judge senior division
Three teams participated. 
TEAM 1: Bivisha Prajapati, Shaman Basnet, Shuvanshree K. C
TEAM 2: Aashutosh Narsingh KC, Saujanya Shakya, Ashutosh Adhikary 
TEAM 3: Anju Bajracharya, Dhara Rana, Jayesh Kayastha.
The gathering at the World Forum in Hague, was the most diverse and vibrant our team had ever attended. It comprised of 1900 scholars from across the world.
The scholars  experienced scavenger huntskeynote speakers, cultural fair and scholars ball. Coupled with competitive events like Scholars challenge, Collaborative writing,  Debate, and Scholars bowl. 
Though it was our first time our scholars were able to bag a few medals. 
Medals tally:

Team 1:
1. Bivisha Prajapati. School captain 
Gold 4: Top scholar of Team Malpi; Positioned 100th top champion; Scholar Collaborative Writing; Debate
Silver 5: History; Literature; Scholars challenge; Team Debate; Scholars Bowl team
2. Shaman Basnet
Gold 2: History; Collaborative writing
Silver 4: Team Debate; History; Scholars bowl team; Literature
3. Shuvanshree KC
Gold 1: Collaborative Writing Team
Silver 3: Team Debate; Debate; Scholars bowl

Team 3:
Anju, Dhara and Jayesh Kayastha
Silver 2: 
Collaborative Writing.

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