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Karate Belt Upgrade Ceremony 19 Dec., 2018

Malpi City School had the Karate Belt Upgrade Ceremony from Grades 4 to 10 on 19th December, 2018. The students displayed their skills in front of the National Karate Examiners. The Chief Guest- Chhatra Bdr. Ale, Guest of Honour- Prithvi Bdr. Shrestha, and Examiner N. D. Pant. The programme was co-ordinated by the Karate Instructor, Shyam Sunuwar, who is also an AKF judge.

Few snaps:

IMG_20181219_093311 IMG_20181219_094014 IMG_20181219_101455 IMG_20181219_113029 IMG_20181219_113731 IMG_20181219_113805

After the examination, the top 4 Karatekas were announced from the four categories. The toppers were given medals.
20181219_114348    20181219_115302
20181219_115207      20181219_115143
Similarly, Token of Appreciation were given to the three distinguised Guests and Examiners by Malpi City School and Nepal Shitoryu Karate Association too reciprocated the same.

20181219_114838   IMG_20181219_115429


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