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Junior Sports Day – 21 December, 2019

The Junior Sports Day Programme started with Great Excitement and Delight.

Medals and trophies on display for the Winners. 


The Guest of Honour, Mr Milan Bikram Shah, being welcomed, who also declared the Sports Meet 2076 Open by floating the Balloons up in the air.


On your mark, Get set, Go!


Few shots – here and there!


Mommies Vs Daddies Competition.

Victory walk by the Champions Green House! Sky is the Limit!


  1. Welcome Dance by Grades III and IV


2. Grades III, IV and V on the Hoola hoops (0440)

3. Karate Demonstration

4. Drill Display by Grades III, IV and V.

5. Fan dance (Chinese) by Grades I and II.

Few Words and Vote of Thanks!





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