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Instilling Confidence

Co Curricular Activities

Clubs at MCS like Nature Club, Dramatics Club, Quiz Club, and Science Club are very active and support the core subjects.

Language is developed through debates, spelling bee and story writing events.

Quizzes and exhibitions are held to promote interest in mathematics, science and social studies.

Dramas, music and dance programme are held at school events and as cultural programme for parents.

Social service plays a significant role. Students are encouraged to make frequent visits to various institutions for voluntary service. Thus help them learn and develop empathy towards the society that we live in,

Cultural Programme / Music and Dance

Particular emphasis is laid on music and dance, Nepali classical and folk dances. Instrumental music and singing are offered to develop students skills and appreciation for music and melody. This is staged biennially as a cultural programme on Parents’ Day.

Art and Craft / Creative Writing

Art and Craft are studied by all to relax both mind and body. Various kinds of art including but not limited to painting, origami, pottery, recycling of paper etc are encouraged.

Opportunities and events for creative writing, elocution and debates are provided to the students to develop and hone their skills and build confidence.