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Individual Dance Competition – Juniors

This 24th August, 2018, Malpi City School had a very entertaining and creative Individual Dance Competition from Grades 1 to 5 at the school premises. The dancers successfully put up their performances which was fully supported with the help of parents.


The two hours long dances thrilled the students, who along with the dances joined in with clapping, dancing as well as calling for “Once More“.

The dances ranged from religious to different cultures and traditions with flavours and dance forms from Nepali songs as well as Nepali cinema.

The judges were Mr Rishikesh Shrestha and Mr Pradip Shrestha.

The winners in the Grade 1 and 2 category were:

First: Palista Shrestha (II A)

Second: Shivalika Shrestha  (II A)

Third: Kanishka Lama  (I B)


Similarly, in the Grade 3 to 5 category:


First: Saira Maharjan   (3A)                                          Second: Dristi Manandhar   (3B)

Third: Drishya Paudel  (5A)

Students and teachers alike truly enjoyed the performances.

image-0-02-03-7a0fb8cf2bcd76dbeb8823e71448307a96a3e2aadef9de5cc077558abfd470a7-V image-0-02-03-5ba0ea8d1533dfc30639d246ee5696e034590fc8de6303dd4275a13a1f195bb3-V image-0-02-03-6566298f103294cf49998c2956a3bec7e4b5ec5d266a9d02a7634a9ac3823ba5-V

Some students at the back of the audience too were synchronizing with the dancer on the stage.


IMG_20180824_110345       IMG_20180824_110332

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