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Accepting Challenges

The House System / Sports

The students are grouped in four houses designated as

Red – Saturn
Blue – Neptune
Yellow – Jupiter
Green – Venus

Each house is an autonomous unit under the care of a House Master / Mistress. The Houses compete with each other in a wide variety of activities in both academic as well as non academic pursuits. The House system also helps in the recognition of both individual as well as group achievements.

Sports Programme

Sports are an integral part of the educational system. A healthy body makes for a healthy mind.

Basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, chess and carom are available in the school complex.

Football and swimming are available outside of school complex.

Karate and Tiche develop discipline from a very young age.

The biennial Sports Meet is organized to provide the much needed outside exposure to students.

Treks and Tours

Educational tours and excursions of places of geographical and natural importance are conducted at the National and International level.

Students visit reserved parks, gardens and other ecological sites that lie in close proximity benefiting from nature as an able and willing teacher.

School picnic, hiking and overnight sojourns are programmed for students accordingly.