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22nd International Book Fair

Malpi City School in partnership with Daya Foundation

22nd International Book Fair

1 – 9 June, 2018



THEME FOR THE BOOK FAIR: Padaun Ra Ramaun (Read and Enjoy)


Daya Foundation invited private schools, professionals, and organizations to partner and share their resources and knowledge of quality children’s literature and activities with the government schools.

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The participating teachers were Nutan Pradhan, Anju Shrestha and Alka Joshi.

20180608_141134  20180608_141038

The teachers were responsible for twenty students in two groups.

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Malpi City School teachers, staff along with the Principal also donated money to buy story books for the children. Excited and happy were the children in choosing their own books from the book stalls. Each student happily took away three books each!

20180608_153118  20180608_191426

The memories that the children experienced will last a long time……….. !!

Happy Reading!


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